Charity Fundraiser - London Air Ambulance.

Healthcare Assistant - Acute Cardiac Ward.

For 4 months I acted as a volunteer in this Unit. My task ranged from taking vitals such as blood pressure/o2 saturation to feeding and clothing patients. I would travel with nervous or disabled patients to their external GP appointments and would relay information from doctors between departments.

Healthcare Assistant - Acute Elderly Ward.

For 6 months I volunteered in this NHS ward. My primarily goal was to ensure all patients were comfortable and happy with their stay. I would frequently join ward rounds and sit down with patients and discuss how they were feeling/discussed what we could do to make their stay more comfortable on top of just being a friendly face for them to talk to.

Volunteer - Ellenor Hospice.

For 6 months I volunteered in an Ellenor Hospice. The primary objective was to make patients as comfortable as possible while they received palliative care.