University of Oxford, Graduate President.

Founded in ~1248, the University of Oxford is a collegiate research university comprising of thirty-nine colleges.

Somerville College - originally a woman only college and more recently the first non-denominational college - is known for its varied architecture and liberal atmosphere. Containing one of the largest libraries in the University of Oxford, 1/3 international students, half of students coming from state high schools along with net assets of ~£225 million (7th highest) and an annual endowment of £80.6 million; Somerville remains one of the highest-ranked in student satisfaction.

The Somerville Middle Common Room (MCR) is the name given to the graduate body for postgraduate students at Somerville. Postgraduates at Somerville come from a diverse background, both academically and geographically, with members coming to Oxford from all over the world. Somerville is an excellent place to work and study, and its friendly and tight-knit community make it a wonderful place to call home during your studies.

As MCR President I was responsible for:

i. Ensuring the smooth running and development of the Graduate community.

ii. Making executive decisions regarding our £60,000 per annum budget, providing: funds/awards to individual students, additional support to our sports teams, a healthy extensive social calendar and providing welfare provisions to our students.

iii. Individual bi-weekly meetings with the Principal, Treasurer, Deans, Tutor for Graduates, and other College staff.

iv. Listening to the concerns of Graduate Students and relaying relevant information to College and providing advice or pointing individuals to the appropriate resources.

v. Representing and promoting the interests of the MCR at both the College and University levels.

vi. Maintaining and building relationships with other colleges, along with Somerville’s Academic Fellows and Undergraduates.

vii. Resolving/Relaying serious welfare concerns to the appropriate individuals.

viii. Creating, enforcing and maintaining policies involving our Graduate Student Body.

Connor Scott
Connor Scott
Senior Histology Manager (UCL) / Honorary Research Fellow (Oxford)

My research interests include neuropathology, proteomics, transcriptomics and biomarker discovery.