Employment Experience


Senior Histology Manager

UK Dementia Research Institute - UCL

Jun 2021 – Present London
Responsibilities include:

  • Set up and established a new research laboratory to allow scientists to perform molecular neuroscience/neuropathology experiments for their desired projects.

  • Establish, manage, and maintain several core research equipment within UKDRI UCL. This includes providing training, troubleshooting, and managing access.

  • Provide scientific guidance, training, and advice to scientists of all levels. This takes the form of guidance for general histology, molecular biology, or experimental design.

  • Responsible for the technical, scientific and governance management of the UK DRI at UCL Histology Facility.

  • Provide guidance to ensure UCL laboratories are compliant with the Human Tissue Act 2004 and following best practices approved by the Human Tissue Authority.

  • Manage laboratory budgets and develop cost-recovery models.


Hononary Research Fellow

University of Oxford - Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

May 2021 – Present Oxford
Current projects: (1) Selective vulnerability of subpopulation of neurons in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, (2) researching how epigenetics underpins cell-state fate and cellular signatures, (3) and microproteomics of rare neuronal cell types/tumour samples.

  • Day to day advisory role for post-graduates (MSc/MRes, D.Phil) and post-doctoral scientists.

Senior Research Assistant

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences - University of Oxford

Jun 2015 – May 2021 Oxford

Responsibilities include:

  • Senior Research Scientist.
    Current projects: (1) selective vulnerability in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, (2) early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease, (3) novel biomarker discovery in Alzheimer’s disease, (4) microproteomics of rare neuronal cell types/tumour samples, (5) genetic classification of gliomas, (6) High-resolution MRI scanning.

  • Establishing, managing, and maintaining several core research facilities within NDCN. This includes providing training and troubleshooting.
    Facilities: Whole Slide Digital Imaging, Automated IHC/ISH and Laser Microdissection.

  • Day to day advisory role for post-graduates (MSc, MRes, D.Phil) and post-doctoral scientists.

  • Specialized training to students (undergraduates/postgraduates) and professionals (laboratory technicians, research assistants, post-doctoral researchers).

  • Supervisory role on several FHS research projects; both for medical students and undergraduates. Experience managing students, determining project direction, placing deadlines, managing student concerns, and helping students reach their targets.

Other related roles:

  • Served 3 years on NDCN’s Personnel Committee - responsible for all personnel and equality matters connected with the employment of the University’s employees; approving pay rises, tracking staff performance and reviewing employee retention cases.

  • Athena SWAN Champion - ensuring departmental good practices towards the advancement of gender equality, representation, progression and success for all.

  • Oxford Brain Bank Ethical Board Committee Member.

  • NDCN Public Engagement Ambassador - Hosting events for the general public such as regular open days; Invited adults/patients, schoolchildren, and university students come to our department and I explain neuroscience as it relates to physiology and disease, including the importance of neuroscience research.


Oxford Brain Bank Technician

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences - University of Oxford

Aug 2013 – Jun 2015 Oxford
Provided laboratory support for the Oxford Brain Bank, including:

  • Human Brain Dissection.
  • Preforming protein assays to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases in donors.
  • Performing DNA sequencing on tumours to help guide the treatment plan of patients.
  • Interviewing, teaching and training new staff.

Biomedical Scientist Associate

NHS - Oxford University Hospitals

Jan 2013 – Aug 2013 Oxford
Laboratory support for the Neuropathology and Ocular Pathology Department

  • Generic laboratory support.
  • Assisting in human CNS Dissection.
  • Maintaining stocks and preparing buffers/dyes.
  • Daily communication with coroners and healthcare professionals.